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What is 3D Pen??

PLA Filament

What is PLA

PLA, the Most Safety and Recycle Material for 3D Pen



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What is 3D Pen

3D pen melts and extrudes filament, a plastic-like material, by heating. When the plastic material is extruded, it will be rapidly cooled and solidified when it encounters the air, forming any shape you like. It works like a hot melt gun but with electronics to maintain the temperature and flow rate accurately and automatically.

Benefits of using a 3D pen

If you have an idea of an object in mind, how do you create it in real?  In the past, we usually create it by paper, clay, glue.  Now we can make it by 3D pen in a must faster and more convenient way. 

The technology of 3D pen come from 3D printer. The 3D pen is equivalent to a handheld 3D printer. All our 3D pens can be used with a portable charger anywhere.

How to use 3D pen

The operation is very simple. Heat up, Insert filament, Press extrusion button.

You can draw on our table pad, in the air with our 20-color filaments

Please see our video demonstrations

Suitable for Children

Because the nozzle is hot, we recommend children over 8 years old to use. However, with our special design ceramic nozzle, children will not get hurt if accidentally touch the nozzle.

3D Pen Principal


We put safety first. Because the 3D pen nozzle must use high temperature to dissolve the filament, the pen tip will inevitably produce high heat. Instead of a metallic nozzle,

all our 3D pen tip made with ceramic.  The advantage of metallic nozzle is that it heats up quickly, with high thermal transfer rate, it is very dangerous and easier to get burn. It is not suitable for children, and even adults can burn.

Because the thermal conductivity of ceramics is much lower than that of metals, even if it is in contact, it will not transfer heat to the skin quickly. 

In addition, all Richwise 3D pens have passed the safety test of Hong Kong Certification Center and comply with EU toy safety standards.

About filaments, there are three types of filaments commonly used for 3D printing: PCL (low temperature), PLA and ABS (high temperature). Both PCL and ABS are made of plastics chemicals, which have an adverse effect on the environment and health. PLA is mainly made of starch, and it basically does not have any impact on the environment and health. Moreover, inevitably close contact with filaments, so the safety of plastic materials is very important. All Richwise filaments have passed the safety test of Hong Kong Certification Center and comply with EU toy safety standards.



3D pen mainly melts the filament and then extrudes it. If the temperature is not well controlled, it is easy to harden in the pipe, causing congestion.  Accurate calculation is required to control the flow rate of filament. Richwise 3D  pens which with temperature display can accurately control the temperature and ensure long-lasting durability.
Creator C3 & C2 are designed to be DIY and easy to repair by yourself. If you don't mind DIY, these two models are also a good choice.
The Artiste A4 3D pen is the most reliable, sold more than 500, and has not been returned for repairs in a year. Artiste A4 has been in use for 7 days in the book fair and still works well for more than 70 hours of continuous usage.



Due to the high temperature of the pen tip of the 3D pen, it is not suitable for children who are too young (under 8 years old) to use independently. Usually, children don't get hurt by themselves. Most cases are caused by other child or improper use. Therefore, we recommend that children over the age of 8 can use it alone.
Richwise 3D pen has a safety design that will automatically cool down when not in operation for 2 minutes. The Elite E5 will automatically withdraw the filament too.


A stable power supply is required to maintain the temperature of 3D Pen. Usually, the blockage of the pen tip is caused by the instability of the power supply. Therefore, it is necessary to connect a  transformer as a power source. Richwise 3D pen can be powered by USB storage battery.  Most of the batteries in the market have enough and stable power, which is convenient for outdoor use.
About the filaments, ABS has a melting point of 230 degrees Celsius. The advantage is that the finished product hardens quickly. The disadvantage is that it is more likely to get hurt while in use. On the contrary, PCL has a melting point as low as 60 degrees Celsius. Although it greatly reduces the chance of getting hurt, it can't be painted in the air. It takes more than 2 minutes for the filament to harden. How can I stop the pen in the air quickly? The PLA is moderate, and the PLA hardens from the pen tip for about 2-4 seconds. If it is blown with a small fan, it can be hardened immediately. Therefore, Richwise sells PLA only. And all 3D pens can be used with PLA only.


PLA has a melting point of 190°C, and it's melting point is relatively moderate. There are another two kinds of common filaments in 3D printing, called ABS and PCL. ABS has a higher melting point and is relatively dangerous, but the benefit is that it hardens faster. The melting point of PCL is very low, at 60 degrees, because of the low melting point, it takes a long time to harden. Both ABS and PCL are chemical plastics that are not environmentally friendly, while PLA is purely a combination of kitchen waste.

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What is PLA

The full name of PLA is the abbreviation of Poly Lactic Acid, made from corn, starch resin. The main raw materials come from corn, sugar beet, wheat, sweet potato, and other fruits and sugars. They are produced by fermentation, water removal, polymerization, and other processes, and are non-toxic. It does not cause pollution during the production process, and the raw material is a biodegradable material, which can be recycled in nature. Because of the above characteristics, we only sell PLA plastic materials, and our 3D pens are only suitable for PLA. Do not buy or use plastic materials of unknown origin. ABS and PCL not only blocking nozzle of 3D pen but also damage to your health.