3D Drawings、3D Printings

3D Drawing

If you want accuracy. It must be first to create a 3D Sketch., Don't know how to do 3D  the drawing? We can do it for you. Send us a manuscript or photos. We can draw 3D sketch for you and return a 3D STL file. We use Fusion 360, Blender and TinkerCad. We will give you the source file and you can modify and print it yourself. Blender and TinkerCad are free software.


3D Printing

We have FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printers and UV curing 3D Printers. Cost of FDM  printing is lower but the surface of printout is comparative rough. We have a larger printing center with over 20 3D printers for large volume printing. 

3D Drawings

3D scan cannot scan big object and provide an accurate result. Usually, 3D drawing is needed to make 3D  sketch before 3D print. We can draw a 3D sketch for you. Simply provide us an object, a hand drawing or a photo, we can draw it and return the 3D file. We use Blender, Fusion 360 or TinkerCad to draw as appropriate. All software is free and customers can modify it in the future without extra cost.

Drawing fee

The cost depends on the complexity of the object. It ranges from $400 to $4000

7 days unlimited modification

According to our experience, the revision is inevitable. After the preview, we offer unlimited modifications in 7 working days.

Ordering Process

  • Send you object, photos or hand sketch

  • Quotation

  • Confirm order
  • Usually complete in 4 - 6 days

  • Deliver 3D preview and modification

  • Money back guarantee

  • Deliver 3D file in STL format and source file after confirmation

3D Printings

We have FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printers and UV curing 3D Printers

FDM printing is suitable for large objects, 300x300x400mm, mainly printed on PLA recycle materials, with fine lines on the surface. Too large objects will be printed separately and assembled after.


The cost is usually $5/g. More discount will be offered for larger volume

Print Time

Single Object: 2-3 days, printed in Hong Kong

Larger Volume will be printed in Shen Zhen China

Ordering Proeces

  • Send us STL file by Whatsapp or email to sales@richwise.com.hk

  • Specify the size

  • Specify the color

  • Confirm the time and price

  • Pay 30% deposit

  • Start printing

  • Deliver

  • Money back if not satisfied within 2 days.

Contact Us

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