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Tipping doesn’t have any hard-and-fast rules. A casino or dealer will never kick you out or ban you for refusing to tip. Remember that these guidelines are simply that — guidelines. Observe how more-experienced players at your table give gratuities and make note of the rapport they build with the dealers. Before long, you can develop a feel for what’s appropriate and what isn’t

Just as important, you get a feel for what kind of tipping pattern fits your person- ality and budget. Tipping other casino employees From the valet who parks your car to the cocktail server who delivers your complimentary drinks to the hotel housekeeper who turns down your bed, you encounter plenty of casino employees who anticipate a gratuity of some sort.

Some services — waitresses and concierges — are universal, and others — slot attendants — are unique to casinos. This section provides a quick rundown of tip situations you can expect to encounter on your casino adventure. Table 5-1 breaks down the customary tip amounts for all the different service workers who may serve your needs.


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