Sealed Reusable Mask
Richwise R-Mask RMA20
With 30 pairs BFE99 PFE94 3-ply filter
HK$240 (US$29.9)
Black, White and Dark Grey Available

Soft Rubber, Face Profile Design

Reusable, easy to clean with alcohol or detergent.

Soft rubber adapts to your facial profile,

Inner frame maintains the shape of the mask.

Thick, soft edges minimize air leakage and provide all-day comfort.

Outlet air valve for increased air flow.


3-ply filter

Each RMA20 Mask comes with 30 pairs of  33mm diameter round disc filters.

BFE99 PFE94 Standard
Filter diameter 32mm round disc

Supplementary 30-pairs of filter per pack is available.


Filtered air inlet and valve outlet

Covered filter cabinet provides an additional layer of defense and can
effectively prevent moisture droplets from contaminating the filter.


Simple clamshell filter box

Simple flip-cover filter design makes changing the filter quick and
easy—just insert the filter and close the cover to secure it in place.

What you get

1. Richwise R-Mask RMA20 mask

2. 30 pairs of BFE99 PFE94 3-ply filters

3. A tweezer


  1. This mask can be reused and cleaned with alcohol or mild

  2. Our filter supply is reliable and stable by using significantly
    less materials to produce.

  3. Our filter price is much lower than surgical masks—a pack
    of 60 filters (30 pairs) costs only HK$25 ($3.5 USD).

  4. Give yourself more protection. Sealed masks provide
    better protection than ordinary masks.

  5. Saves masks for front-line medical professionals and

  6. Filters last longer. Because the filter has no contact with
    your face, it reduces the moisture buildup and the filter is
    more durable.

  7. More environmentally-friendly. Although the mask is made
    of plastic, it can be reused, which is more environmentally
    friendly than abandoning a few masks a day.


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How do I receive the mask? Does the price include the delivery fee?

Delivery fee not included.

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